Hope Nardini
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Cheez It

Cheez-It Grooves

Cheez-Its are crackers. But Cheez-It Grooves are chips. Or are they? Joe the Cheeseologist and his immature wheel of Cheese deliberate this very question in our product launch that leaves no doubt in anyone's mind (or mouth): Damn Right it's a Chip.

TV- Sandwich
Being the immature cheddar that he is, Cheese interrupts Joe's lunch break with some "helpful" advice. 

TV- Identity Crisis
When he discovers he might grow up to be a chip instead of a cracker, Cheese has a mid-life crisis.

TV- Package (Unaired)
Okay so this one wasn't allowed to air due to "mature content." But it tested really well! We're not sure if that's because people understood the innuendo or because they didn't...

Snapchat- Grocery Store
In addition to TV, the saga continues in the brand's first ever Snapchat stories. Joe films himself hanging out with Cheese as he debates the parameters of essential chippiness. 

Snapchat- Binge Watching
Grooves are equally as awesome for binge eating as they are for binge watching. But as Joe continues pondering Cheez It Grooves, Cheese is faced with a challenge of his own: how does one change the channel without appendages? 


Online Film- Duh
The campaigned rolled out additional videos on Facebook, Twitter, and preroll as Joe and Cheese wrapped their heads around Grooves in the Cheese Maturation Facility cafeteria and break room.

Online Film- Spoiler
Cheese is pretty immature, as evidenced by his rather inconvenient spoiler.

Online Film- Cheesy
Cheese tells Joe a joke that's rather, uh, cheesy (It's kind of his thing).