Raid asked us to showcase their bug expertise while driving home their 50 year-old brand mission: Raid kills bugs dead. To prove it, we had a little fun in the bug lab. 

Ant Art
Things got morbidly artistic in the Raid Entomology Lab. Our paint of choice? Raid Ant Gel. 

Raid products are specifically designed to be tasty to ants. Back in the lab, we found that 9 out of 10 ants prefer Raid Ant Gel over cake.

TV: Coliseum
Our scrappy videos did so well online, the Raid brand team asked us to create one for TV. Turns out wrangling lawyers is more difficult than killing bugs, but we finally got it on air. 

The 360 campaign established Raid as the go-to experts in killing bugs. If someone has a bug problem, here's the first thing they do:

Bugs invade our homes, so Raid invaded the Internet. We launched Get the Answers, Beat the Bugs with the promise that our bug experts would answer any bug question ever asked.

The brand had never done anything on social, so naturally we launched Twitter, Youtube, and Google Plus pages to drive traffic to the new site. 

Fun fact: On set, it was my job to vacuum up the dead roaches after each take.