First responders always answer the call. But in the aftermath of a crisis, survivors often don't know who rescued them, let alone how to say thank you. So with the help from documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev and his investigative team, we combed through 30 years of news archives, and connected survivors with the first responders who saved them.

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"Answering the Call" ran during the Super Bowl and the season finale of "This Is Us" (in which the father dies in a house fire). We also created individual stories from each reunion, which aired during the Winter Olympics and on social. 


The best part, by far, was seeing how the country reacted to the campaign, recognizing first responders everywhere who made an impact on their lives. 

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One man was even inspired to visit his local fire station to, 25 years later, reconnect with the firefighter who saved his life as a child.