Hope Nardini

Things I've Restored

I have a thing for vintage furniture. 

Eames Chair

This vinyl Eames Chair still had the Herman Miller stamp, but it reeked of smoke. A full bottle of Goo Gone and a dozen razor blades later, turns out there was a perfect fiberglass shell hiding underneath.

(Ironically) Sunny Soviet Coasters

This 1947 almanac was falling apart, so I did a photo transfer with acrylic gloss and lifted the ink from the old Soviet maps onto some cheerful coasters. 

Hairpin 1960s Dresser

I got this old thing for free. Turns out no one wants a legless dresser. But I sanded down the old paint, gave it a few new coats, and screwed in some tapered legs to match and voila, now it's my favorite. 

Ikea Hack

The Malm bed is fine. That's it. It's fine to sleep in, but not much to look at. So I screwed in a custom plywood attachment, added a layer of batting, and tufted it. It was like sewing buttons. But with a drill, and through plywood.

Orange Oak Table

A friend was getting rid of his old kitchen table with this weird 1980s orangey stain. It was the perfect size for my desk, so I attacked it with a sander and industrial strength paint stripper. My friend would like it back now.