Ziploc is a household name with many different products, but 30-something moms still saw them as a sandwich bag company. So we met moms where they were--Pinterest--and launched the brand's first-ever content marketing platform. The campaign did so well, Pinterest now uses us as a case study.  Check out the full site:

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As the Crafter-in-Residence, I was the Ziploc version of Martha Stewart for 8 months. My desk quickly became Santa's Workshop, covered in felt and hot glue. We also hired some of the best bloggers in the biz to create content with the Ziplock holiday collection. Click on each project to see the full step-by-step process:

We even created printable Honest Holiday Cards. It's nice to be nice, but sometimes it's nicer to be honest...

With 140 pieces of "pinteresting" content, we also launched the official Ziploc Pinterest page. It went so well, Pinterest invited us to be the first sponsored pins in the platform's history.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.38.43 PM.png

Ziploc made the most chaotic time of year a little easier with tips, tricks, and inspiration (and a dose of product for good cheer). The campaign was a hit among moms, and the brand still uses the platform we created three years later.